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Holistic Health and Wellbeing - What does that mean?

Preventative health is a hot topic today and a big part of the Welltality mission. Preventative care is inclusive of health screenings, check-ups, or patient counseling and is a vital part of everyday health.  While traditional medicine is an essential component of health, there are also other areas to help foster wellbeing.

The science of medicine is ever changing and evolving in the wake of new experimental discoveries and practices. However, in the turn of the new year, many nutritionists and physicians have reverted to traditional ways and tackled the approach of holistic healing; an important part of holistic lifestyles. Holistic living is the practice of creating balance and health in all aspects of life physically, mentally, and spiritually through natural methods. Holistic healing is a part of this lifestyle that focuses on one’s health, it includes natural practices like nutrition, herbal medicine, and yoga.

Typically healing is used as a compliment to modern medicinal practices, instead of completely replacing them. A mark of holistic healing is holistic medicine, which utilizes only natural healing methods in diet and exercise. It focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit as a whole instead of tackling one area of disease.

The first aspect of this healing is maintaining a healthy body. Physical health is the baseline of wellness and a healthy lifestyle; so having a disease-free, energetic body is necessary. This is maintained through physical wellness practices like yoga, meditation, and daily exercise as well as a holistic diet. The combination of medicinal foods and physical wellness create a healthy lifestyle.

These healthy habits transfer over into spiritual and mental wellbeing as well. When you take care of your mind and body holistically, all other aspects of your health will follow. Mental and spiritual wellbeing is achieved through positivity, gratitude, and self-acceptance while creating a satisfactory life.

As a whole, holistic healing serves to create harmony and balance all aspects of your life. By caring for your mind, spirit, and body through natural methods you prevent long term illness and strengthen your wellbeing. In addition to holistic healing; routine screenings help you to take control of your health status before issues arise.  Being aware of your health is a major step in staying healthy!