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Tips To Prevent Emotions From Taking A Toll On Your Health

October is a month filled with horror films and spooky events focused on scaring the public; mass media targeting emotions and the onslaught of research showing that technology correlates to increased anxiety and depression. As we continue to discuss the six dimensions of wellness, the second area of mental wellness is emotional wellbeing.  Emotional wellbeing focuses on our feelings; how we form them, accept them, control them, and learn from them. Throughout the journey of life, we experience a wide variety of emotions, from resentment to sheer joy and everything in between. This is essential to mental development and contributes to our overall outlook on life. 

The National Institute of Wellness defines emotional wellness as “the degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about one’s self and life. It includes the capacity to manage one’s feelings and related behaviors”. Essentially it is the ability to control your emotions in a healthy and appropriate manner.

This area of well being is most often affected by outside influences, but can easily be self-controlled. Persevering through difficult times and keeping a positive outlook on life is important. It is also necessary to reduce stress, practice mindfulness, and get quality sleep so that one’s hormones stay in balance. The main focus of emotional wellness is to accept your feelings and develop your perspective which is why mindfulness is such a staple. Improving your emotional wellness takes a positive and optimistic outlook on life, as well as the intention to improve your health and not just be happy. 

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