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How Mindfulness Keeps You Healthy

Thanksgiving is coming and provides a gentle reminder that there is no better time to be ‘mindful’ of how gratitude can have a positive impact on health. “Mindfully focusing on wellness in our lives builds resilience and enables us to thrive amidst life’s challenges.” Wellness is an all-encompassing process that benefits the small and large parts of our health. Mindfulness and mental wellness go hand in hand, as many of the tenants of mental care require focused attention on building healthy habits. The three main areas in which mental wellness is achieved are spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. 

The spiritual element encourages self-reflection and a search for meaning in our existence. (Check out Welltality’s quick tips to self-reflection through meditation!)This area really focuses on a connection with nature and the worldly things by appreciating the depth of life in this universe. Our path to wellness is characterized by its similarity to natural forces in the world. There are ups and downs and trying times, that we can recognize and learn through by relating them to the real world. Ultimately, the goal is to make our actions consistent with our beliefs and morals. These beliefs have been derived from experience and self-reflection, so they form our “world view”. 

The emotional element focuses on our feelings; how we form them, accept them, control them, and learn from them. Our emotions are the mechanism in which our body communicates to us, so staying in tune with them is absolutely necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the journey of life, we experience a wide variety of emotions, from resentment to sheer joy and everything in between. Accepting, and even attempting to feel a wide range of attitudes is essential to wellness. This allows for an internal connection with ourselves, and thus encourages self-acceptance. In turn, it translates to a sense of positivity regarding oneself and one’s life! Happiness is a direct correlation to a healthy life, so anything we can do to promote it is a step in the right direction. 

Finally, the intellectual dimension utilizes both previously mentioned tenants to stimulate the creative and intellectual parts of a person’s mind. The goal is to expand one’s horizons and trigger brain growth. Problem solving, ingenuity, analytical skills and much more are enhanced when your intellectual well-being is cared for. Your mind is challenged with imaginative endeavors. In the long run, this benefits all parts of your mental wellness. 

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